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Wasp stings and how to treat them

If you are stung by a wasp, bee or hornet gently pluck out the sting as quickly as possible. Be careful not to squeeze the sting as this will push more venom into the skin.

In most cases the sting will leave a swelling around the infected area and some discomfort or pain for about an hour or so. We recommend that once the area has been cleaned with antiseptic wipes a small amount of Hydrocortisone cream or other anti inflammatory cream is gently rubbed into the affected area. This will relieve the itchiness.

Many people do and can have an allergic reaction to wasp stings.wasps nest

Obvious signs are vomiting, dizziness, severe swelling and difficulty in breathing. In such circumstance immediate medical attention should be sought.

Some people already know that they are allergic to wasp stings and will carry medication with them.

If you have found you have been stung and you see the swelling has increased or signs of infection it is best to seek medical attention.

If a wasp does come into contact with you it is best not to swat it or do the silly 'wasp dance'. (Screaming does not help either).

This only aggravates the wasp and only then is it more likely to sting as it (or they), feel threatened.

The best thing to do is stand still and it will eventually fly away.

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