Hornet nest removal can be an intimidating process if not dangerous if you do not know how to approach removing the nest. 
We would always recommend you seek professional advice if you are unsure or worried. Hornets are social wasps. They have the ability to mobilise the entire nest of hornets to attack if they feel threatened in any way. 
Generally hornets are not aggressive toward people. Our advice is to leave the nest alone if it is not causing any harm. If however the nest is near, on or in your home and you feel uncomfortable- particularly if you have pets or young children, then do call us to have the hornets nest removed safely by professionals. 


Most people (particularly gardeners), enjoy watching bees 'busying' around the garden collecting pollen. In recent times bees - in particular honey bees, are on the decline due to reduced plant diversity. 
Kent Wasp Control avoid destroying bees but sometimes this is necessary for example if they have created a home in chimney stacks. As far as possible we will look to re-home to a local beekeeper who will be happy to 'adopt' them. 
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